Students the trick masters

Recently last week I was in invigilation duty, which was a boring job for any research scholar. Especially if he/she was along with some other proffesor it would be unbearable. In such situation being lonely (one man show) will feel much better; you can shout and scream on the students without boundaries. If we are with the elder people (professors) we should control our voice and make sure that our voice is down and should not make them uncomfortable. The joy would be when we have another research scholar with similar mindset accompanying us. But hardly I haven’t got any such chances (Very sadL). The nightmare would be 3 hours invigilation, I would be sincerely waiting for my turn to go to cafeteria, I will be trying to run away seeing such boring and serious students scribbling all the answer sheets. I always why our campus students are very smart, most of them get hold of concepts very fast. I hardly see any one working so hard, as like us when we are doing graduation. But I always feel that this generation is fast and smart. Hence to pass time during such boring period (invigilation) I would always try to count  the number steps I walked all through the hour and how many steps am walking for each second and so on. I tend to see weird expression given by the students when they are writing the exam. I always feel that do I even give such expressions when I was writing any exam. I hope I don’t. Some students would be watching some wall and talking, I guess they are discussing with themselves. Some would even stare at me for long time, I don’t know how to handle such situation, and instead I will give a smile. But I guess they are full of thoughts, they don’t even recognize what my expression is. After realizing this I will be moving away from that place.  The biggest surprise for me is the open book exam. Though the professor or lecture tells us that they can use book in the exam to answer questions. But I bet that people who solely depend on text book without preparation cannot write single question completely, because student will be turning pages half of the examination time.

Another interesting observation was, first year rites can do some tricks with the pen between the figures. Some will turn the pen 3600 like helicopter wings; some would rotate the pen vertically with the index, middle and thumb fingers. Some would even manage to do all kinds of rotation with all available fingers. It was surprising for me; they do this when they are thinking. I always want to take a video how they do this tricks. But I am sure that if I do that they would be giving me a good pose.  I don’t know how they can concentrate both on the subject they are writing and on the tricks they are doing. Some have an ability to chew hard plastic cap so firmly such that it will become wrinkled and wet by the end of the exam. I guess their teeth would become so strong such that they can break a bone of lamb in a single bite. These activities are so common in the students. Especially I think first year rites are more prone to this. Because during their intermediate education (10+2) they spend more time in studying the subject than any other activities. Might be these tricks would be induced from the fellow students during the study hours. But I hardly remembered me doing this, as per my observations this behavior will be lost once they come to engineering. Because they hardly study books and hardly write with the pen. It’s hard to believe that such activities which are unusual enter our life and goes away without knowing. 


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