Random views

Here I would like to start my own blogs, which gives random views striking to my mind. Right now this blog is intended to the people who are like me and whose thoughts are like mine. This would be like mirror speaking to myself, I hope I would speak pure from my heart and I would like to cherish all this movements in future when I am going through this blogs. I always feel that some negative weights should be put aside while doing good work, this will apply here. I always do get scare about mistakes (grammatical) while am writing, but If I constantly think about them, I can not open up my mind. Let this blogs goes as the thoughts flow into my mind. I always get inspire from the writings of Chetan Bhagath, I should give credit to him for inspiring me to read his novels and articles and inspiring me to write. Hence I would like to start up with his tweet which I freshly came across "Good conversation is one of life's biggest pleasures". I strongly agree with this, though I have trouble of starting and ending the conversation with unknown person, but it is certainly ease my way when am doing with very well known person. I always cherish the moments when am sharing my views, I dont like to restricts my thoughts only to science, I will talk to my friends about politics, music, films  and sports. I would do this when I dont have any thing to do especially in the evenings. But now a days I rarely get such opportunities. Adding to this when I was working in McDonlad's I have few friends with whom I cherished every moment, this sharing made me not to think that am away from my own family, friends and country. I strongly agree with the statement given by Thrivikram Srinivas in the movie Nuvvu Naku Nachav that if no one is there to appreciate you then it all go in vein when what ever biggest thing you have achieved. So always make a healthy environment around you. That will definitely makes your heart relax. So do drink, eat and breath positive energy and make people around you comfort. Signing off for today.. I hope I make my mind regularly to write something new,  to make myself happy. Dont think that am so full of myself, every one should be selfish and make themselves happy then only they can give happiness to others. I hope you all agree with this.


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