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My jog and the thinktank experience

I woke up a bit early in the morning and got ready for the jog. The cold breeze blew on my face as I come out of my building. As usual, the roads are deserted on weekends and holidays. Slowly started taking long strides and crossed road headed towards the park. After few meters, got to cross another road, waited for the green light and comes the sound beep.. beep.. beep, sign to cross the road.
1st lap (adjustment and learning phase):
Entered the park, started my first lap. I could smell sweet jasmine, turned left saw white flowers, which I did not see three months back. Took few steps and could not believe that three months have passed in a blink of an eye. I still remember March 5th in Frankfurt airport, I did not see pick up guy in the departure terminal. I gazed all around for a while and gave up, came out of airport took a taxi and rode to Darmstadt. I have realized that it would not be holiday trip, got to adjust for new things and learn many more.
Adjustment and learning’s: Indian…

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