---Specimens in the Gym----

I donned “Mrs. Funny bones -Twinkle khanna” writing style and given a shot to write my feelings (under the breath) and classification of the people I see in Gym regularly.

Beginners: Very enthusiastic, took initiative to join in gym as part of New Year resolution. Just like other resolutions, it will go toss- frequency of work out slowly dips down. As the time slips to March (Telugu Ney year-Ugadi), they completely quit and proudly address friends that they are regular to gym for a year and they quit because they are becoming hefty (Not because of 30 min work out, but because of guzzling).

Hard workers: They are certain people who hang on the cliff and continue to work. Their body does not mend as they intend to. But they work on their mind and try to sweat out as much as they can to reduce weight and get into proper shape. (I belong to this group)

Show stealers: No matter what other people do, certain specimens in the gym always steal the show. They can be further categorized into:
Photographers: With little increase in muscle size under their shirt, they feel like Salman khan, and immediately want to share their image by posing like a body builder. Weird thing is that, they always come up with new angles; even Ram gopal varma will be foisted to use such shots in his forthcoming movies.  
Protein shakers: These people firmly believe that muscles are in the protein powder. So they are always busy in mixing the protein powder by shaking the bottle vigorously. They sip the muscle protein after each set of the exercise, to become macho man instantly.  
Weightlifters: Last but not least, these are busy guys always carrying weights. They use all the weights in the gym, and people don’t have a choice except to watch them. However, they often feel that they can win Gold medal if they participate in Olympics.

Adding to this circus, our Gym is managed by two brothers who can speak three languages, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu but often bite their tongue when they speak English. Am sorry, we also have a lady instructor – sorry more of receptionist and accountant. She has fast accent that she can bowl out any person with her speed and she did by- heart all the instructions and speaks like Tele caller:
  • ·         Don’t use sleeveless T-shirts/tops or vests (the real meaning is can't inhale odour from armpits, a hybrid of deodorant and sweat)
  • ·         Please maintain separate shoes for gym and wear them just before you enter the gym (Otherwise, I have to become sweeper to clean the dirty floor in addition to the herculean task I have regularly)
  • ·         Please use biometrics to enter the gym and also enter your name and signature in the register (oh.. biometric is just for show off… we are not technically advance we follow trivial methods)
  • ·         One more important instruction is to carry towel (Not to wipe sweat, as we don’t have AC, you have to blow air using hand towels)

After the tiresome workout, while leaving Gym instructor ask a question “completed saarrr! ” ? I am not sure whether he is happy that I am leaving, because he want to shut down the gym and go home or questioning why I completed so early. Thinking, what he really means, I go home and answer myself that there are certain mysteries in life which no one can answer…


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