A hour with allien

Sometimes in life we come across weird guys who would be like aliens. Recently I came across few of them. Yesterday during a family visit I met him he is around mid 50’s with white neatly ironed khaddar shirt and trouser. He has comic rectangle face with white hairs all around like Indira Gandhi. Once I entered sitting hall he was well relaxed and asked me what are you? Then I thought who the hell he is without knowing name why he is asking who am I. Then I thought he was inquiring about my profession, and then I said I am a PhD student. He gave a weird geeky look thinking that why this man on earth with 25 years is still studying. I was polite and gave a smile and took a chair and sat comfortably.  Another man beside him said that I am from Biotech background. There it started, after knowing this he started giving me bull sh** example. There is a boy in his family were he has studied Biotech and went to US for 5 long years and came back to mother India to do a software job. He gave this example to make me understand the scenario of biotech field.  Immediately smile went away from my face I was trying very hard to smile for every bloody sentence that he is speaking out.  Then I realized that earth is bearing him from past 50 years for no reason, he has no idea with whom he is speaking and what he is speaking. Is it right to speak to a person who took science as a religion and doing some research. At-least he should have an idea that we know all the ups and downs of this field we are in. Why the hell others do still poke us  and our field. If you have some trouble with the health what the sh** you take in, do you take money came from so called posh software job or medicine which came from the poor brain of Biotech guy. Do realize the importance of science, especially the science in biology. I immediately want to reply him that send that guy to me after two years I will hire and give some job for the studies he has done so long. But I kept quiet for the reason he is elder to me. He came on to this world 25 years before to me, then why doesn’t he learn how the world works. That is the irony happening to this world. I really got pissed off. Adding to this someone gave a hint that my wife is also into this field doing PhD, eventually he sarcastically replied that then only your couple will be adjusted. What the sh** he thinks about himself, does no wife can be happy with a biotech husband. Then he started giving so many examples about how wife and husband should be. They should be like lord Rama and goddess Sita. Sita went with Rama blindly into the forest for 12 long years. He is thinking that even now the wife should follow the husband blindly. Then I want to reply that wake up my guru, wives in this generation are as smart as you. Why do they follow us, instead they will ask us to share their path or they will create new path in which we are following. Gone are those days were girl is married so young age and should follow husband blindly. He continued this nonsense for another half an hour and gave some more examples about his principles and rules. One interesting point is that he will take blessing from his mother daily it seems, so we do take. But he want to take us blessings falling on their feet. I strongly feel that people who does’t fall on mothers feet will have equal love to the people who fall. I mean to say that after all our life is a blessing from our mother, why we should take more blessings from her by falling on their feet. Instead call them regularly and share things you have done, give some gifts and more importantly be with them. I always feel wrong in following tradition blindly. The other thing is am not opposing the people who take blessings, but I hate the people who publicize their activities. Keep it with them; instead give some positive energy to people around you. What the use if they take blessings from mother and give negative energy to others. The power of blessings will be lost. I would like to ask the people who hate the other fields to be kindly keep their opinion with them, instead try to be calm as if nothing is happen. Why do they take things that all children they see should become software engineers? How it is possible on earth, it is same thing like god creates only woman or men. How the world works does if not both are created. Similarly in our world we should have all fields and equall importance should be given to all of them.


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