...A healthy breakup with X-company...

Well it is my last working day with the first company I had professionally associated. After knowing my resignation, friends asking me how is the feeling. Is it good or bad? However, to me i don't have any feelings at the beginning. I am inert guy who does not get exited when needs to be. I really don't know what to say, but today it was hybrid feeling which has elements like excitement, anxiousness and sadness. However, by the end of the day it was more of sad feeling, because when we say good bie, it does not matter on normal day, but when we say good bie on last working day, and if there is less chance to see them again, it is hard feeling. I had realized that things are not that easy as before, the experience I got on the whole is very different this time. Each of them are unique, never made me feel isolated. We pulled each other legs and praised when necessary. It was first professional friendship which I never experienced it before. I cant believe what I will do from tomorrow at 10.30AM, where I usually wink my buddies for tea break. I may not have a chance to taste my friends lunch boxes any more. The situation is in sync with the book I am reading currently. Where, protagonist see her boyfriend every where after the break up. Well it is funny to compare with it, but is almost same.

Whenever work was assigned, there was healthy competition amongst us, no one feel either other is low or high. Each of us knows their strengths and lows, and never allowed jealous feelings come between us. I believe if the work we did was more streamlined, and well planned, we would have done wonders. I learnt a lot from each of them, especially for patience Madhuri and susheela were synonyms and I and Akshay were antonyms. We want to finish things bit early, but that would never happen if we start discussion each one of us has their own view, but at the end of the day one or the other would appreciate the others point and come to consensus. It is a great way of dealing heterogeneous things. I am intrigued to jitesh’s way of conversation, that he would understand some aspects in detail and explain each point without missing any. Even though it would take a while for him to finish, but some of the concepts he discuss are very technical, it was a great learning experience. I enjoyed the conversation with cubical mates which is filled with lot of humor. Me and suprita knows that arti was looking for groom, one day we pulled her leg talking the same in scientific language. I started asking suprita, where is the target (protein) located, she immediately understood that it was about the match arti got recently, and said the target is expressed in London. Then I asked suprita what is the molecular function of the target. She replied that he is in scientific field but function is not clearly known. Then I asked when does the target metastasized to london, like this conversation would go for some time. It was good experience to have such funny conversations between busy work schedules. However, sometimes I wonder how would they manage to speak with low voices, even the person next to them will never hear a word, I believe for them such gossip is bread and butter. They can fast for a week, but they cannot live without gossip. Funny right.. Well, I may have exaggerated few stuff, but the fact is that I would be missing all of them from tomorrow. Though I am missing those moments, but the memories stay with me. Keeping those memories, I would like to open a new page in my diary..


  1. Very true Koushik..we all are going to miss you too...

    1. We are really going to miss you Koushik....especially, looking at your vacant chair in our cubical, will remind us of the happy moments we shared in the mid of tense and busy work schedule....


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