--Days of Acclimatization---

What am I heading to; here I am alone in the tall building. From the big glass window I saw empty barren land on one side and number of new apartments on another side. With 20 watt bulb lighting in 2 BHK house, I can see shallow world from inside the house. However, I don’t believe that anyone would watch me from outside through the wide transparent glass windows. I have a feeling that I am alone in the world, and task is how to survive. This tells how occupied I was with my family before a week and how things has changed with in a span of 7 days. After having a family, never I was away for this long. Though, I know that I will go home this weekend, but still that feeling is not making me to settle. No matter, till what higher level a person grows, without a good companion, there is no taste in the success.
If I look back, from last week, I had a very new experience altogether. I heard lot about the city (Bangalore). It looks true to me that we always see the things which we perceive. Where ever, I go am trying to correlate the city I had heard about (through my friends) to the city I really see. As expected each has their own vision about the city. Someone might had enjoyed during their stay, hence they would have loved it. Whereas other, would had caught up with troubles, hence they would hate it. Its again a perception and varies person to person. That’s how the world is, nothing is true, correct, false and wrong. Its various ways of perceiving things from different aspects, this fundamental point was being proved again and again. 

Now I remember my good olden days trying to start everything fresh. My brain is thinking how I can survive with minimum expense till I get my family and things here. Though, I don’t want to spend much, but the miscellaneous items itself making big hole in my pocket. Luckily, the owner of my apartment is a man with kind heart. He has troubled himself to put a fan. He was in hurry, bought plastic chair and stool from neighbors. He climbed on it, could not balance and almost fell down. Somehow, I managed to hold him and came out of tensed situation with the cost of a plastic tool. Today I bought some basic cooking utensils to manage life for few days, surprisingly I had enough, could not stuff further more. Whole blood in my body is working on digestive system; my brain is slowly dozing off. I guess it’s time to shut down my system for few hours..  


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