--- Crazy Bluffing world ---

During the last weekend, I have been to film city with  family. Surprised to see huge lawns and parks spread across 1600 odd acres, which apparently is a largest film city in the world.  We have seen every inch of it in films, but you will realize how stupid we are until you see the same building showed in different ways. From one side it looks a horror house, but from other side it looks like a big kings palace. During this trip at point we had encountered a magician, who started disguising spectators with his magic tricks. Though we know that these people hid things under their sleeves, still we stare at them trying to understand the mystery.  Surprisingly, it was the same experience we had all throughout the day, trying to understand how they build artificial airports, railway stations, jails, hospitals, temples and mosques, which we often see in many movies. At the end of the day, they were successful in making us fools and buying our money and time. I had similar experience when we climbed on to the merry-go-round. It will scare us by bluffing us for a minute that we are falling from space. May be for a first few seconds the feeling was scary, but if you realize that it is just a game for excitement it will allow you to enjoy the gravity. Especially, I enjoyed when it took us to the last point where we are upside down and holding us at that point for a millisecond. Relatively, even that millisecond appeared to be a very long time. Essentially, after the end of the trip  coming back home I sighed that “oh.. It’s another magic world with full of different emotions, tough to understand which one is real and which is not”.   


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