...............Welcome to Pseudo bachelorhood.......................

Don’t be surprised that why koushik is welcoming bachelorhood, yes what you are reading is true. Sometimes, every guy has to undergo pseudo bachelorhood for some span in his life. In my case am currently in this stage, because my wife took maternity leave. She not only took leave from educational ministry (our academic institute where she pursue PhD) but also from my office (that is with me). Yes, what you heard is true, we had a baby girl (Vinmayi) and we are proud parents.. hurray..!
Well, bachelorhood after marriage is difficult, because we are so used to the family members. I can not consider myself full without my wife, because wife will capture permanent integral position in our life with or without our involvement. I am not sure, whether it happens with them are not. More are less after marriage, we loose independency in the subjects where we are autonomous before. Our routine time table changes after marriage, we have to plan according to our partners. I guess, it is true with majority of the cases. Though, initially it may trouble us but later we get used to it. Now, suddenly when they deserted us for few days, we cant get out of the family domain. Our thoughts more or less changes, and we started think broadly after marriage. As we are so dependent on them, some times we struggle to live without them. We don’t know where our missing cloths are, we don t know what groceries need to be purchased, we also don’t know where our handkerchiefs are. So strange, though you try to show off the world that you are the head of the family, sadly, you can not even find some basic eminities which are in your home. So, pitty…
Here comes the time to prove ourselves, that we are autonomous and show  that we can lead individual life. I thought the same and I was bit happy for couple of days, because every thing is set in place before she left. After, couple of days all the things were not in their position and I felt that I was lost. But slowly, I kept my nerves calm and started addressing each problem. I took some time to arrange kitchen as I want, so as other stuff. Now, things came into my control. Now I have regular time table when to wake up and what to cook. I also managed to read news paper, watch some videos, chats with my wife and also learning some cool stuff. All my colleagues in my office were surprise that I am cooking myself and also packing some food for lunch. Actually, am feeling good that I am my own. Obviously, it brings lots of respect from others and also you feel confident. Now, I strongly feel that we men should welcome such lonely days once in while and enjoy the life by ourselves with what we have.  However, there is some dissatisfaction that our life partners are not with us to share our views but we need to use technology to cope up for few days..That's how the life is..

This article is dedicated to all new fathers who just became pseudo bachelors for few days..


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