-----Rituals retarding growth------

Does loosing faith on ourselves is good or gaining faith is important of our very existence . Any one in the world who have their senses will tell that later is important. My daughter was born on 14th Aug (Friday) evening  and it was amavasy. After knowing this many of my relatives has congratulated and propheced that my daughter bring laxmi to my home.  Some of them also advised me to do some shanthi pooja, because of her naxathra. With the pressure of my relatives, compelled my self and consulted priest of the temple near to my home.
By seeing me he welcomed and advised me to sit and quried about my visit. When I said about my daughter, he scared me that I came very late. This pooja (ritual) should be done soon after the birth. He also consulted other priests and said that we have to do rudhrabishekam, shanty pooja, navagraha pooja and other. When I asked the cost of all these rituals, he surprised me by saying that it would cost 18 – 20K, which is nearly half my salary. My jaws were dropped by hearing those numbers. I don’t know what to do, I am very much surprised and for the benefit of the doubt I consulted another priest in  one of the famous temple. He almost said the same pooja (rituals) ad said that the cost would be 8K.
That means the second priest has reduced half of the cost. If the rituals are same, why there is so much of cost difference. Is it like same garment purchasing in whole sale and retail shop. Why there is so much of cost difference. What should the common man need  to believe. Is that person who spend most of the money for these rituals will have good future and the person who spend less money will have bad future. In that case only rich people will have good future. What should we believe? Does spending money is the only way to calm down the evil forces and make my daughter life happier.
How does money, god or astrology and future life are related. If these rituals are mandatory, then I should see all the people on the earth should follow the same rituals.  Yet, I believe that many persons who does not follow are leading happy life. What are these rituals, how do they work exactly . Does these rituals are applicable to present current generation?  Are these rituals to make ourselves happy or to feed the priest who scare the people by reducing the self confidence?
But at the end of the day I see a point that what else can be priest can do if we go and ask about our future. If he say that our future is bright, then no client will come back to him and inquire about future. If they say that our future is uncertain, then we blind people will go often to them and offer money and  also confidence.
As I am a science student, naturally,  we oppose the existence of this rituals. But I believe the vedic culture and rituals have some deep meaning. I also believe that the priests have vast knowledge of astrology should help us to increase the confidence of people who approach them. If they reduce the confidence by citing the reasons which are not in our hands then the damage they are causing to the society is much harmful than helping us to improve.

Finally, I believe that the culture and rituals should increase the confidence rather than bringing down and bother about the forces which are not in our hands… 


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