lessons from caroms!

Right from the childhood I would love to play caroms, however I am not satisfied with my game. Every stroke of my turn I would struggle to hit the target coin in a right place. Surprisingly I play well when am playing myself, and few shots like riffs and returns shots I play well in the real game aswell. But I struggle to play the straight shots, I started to thinking myself. How should I improve my game, is some thing wrong using my point finger while striking? or something wrong with my aim and the angle while pushing the striker. If some thing is wrong with all this, then every shot am playing should go wrong. Even when am playing myself strikes should go wrong, but it is not happening. Then I realized that the attitude with what I play is wrong. I feel relaxed when am playing with myself, but when am in the game my hands shiver to give a right shot. Certainly some times I will take a long time to give a shot, during such situation there are 50% of shots are shot in right direction. Eventually if the coin goes into the pocket I should feel happy, however am not happy. I don't want to take long time before I give a shot. This might be because I have seen some people playing caroms so relaxed and they will just slide the coin. But it is not happening with me. Some times even though I hit a right direction but the speed does not allow the coin to fall in the hole, it often returns back. While thinking of the speed I often skid the coin with very slow pace as a result the striker not even reach the target coin. I will get pissed off during this situations. Some times even I win I feel that I don't deserve the win. Thinking more deep inside I realized few setbacks in me.

1. I will always aim for reproducibility

I would like to perceive these setbacks and would like to improve. Looking for reproducibility is not a bad thing. Specially in the research. But the attitude I show will piss of our supervisors. I will always repeat things before I give a statement. This thing will even apply over here. I will not be satisfied with one good shots in carom, I would like to give my best always. Too much thinking of reproducibility will hamper my shots. Hence I would like to be in that very movement and not to worry much about future shots.

2. Not being relaxed
I will always feel tensed while playing some important shots at the end of the game. This overide my concentration and give tremor in my hands. This finally results in bad stroke. Hence I would like calm down my nerves before I give a shot.

3. Not satisfied with fluke win
I will not take credit of fluke shot, I would like to make that shots intentionally.  But that does not happen every time in carrom. That make me rest less. Hence I would like to cherish that win and leave aside for the fresh game.

4. Thinking:
Do any one think thinking is a setback, I would feel so. Because too much of thinking hampers present thoughts and work. Recently I came across a video (TED talk)of Varun agarwal a cofounder of million dolor company.
Thinks too much of thinking hamper our present thought. Though it may be successful  or not, but it harvest the fresh sprout before it turn into fruit.

Life need a real personal examples to learn. I would like to give one practical example, during my childhood days when am playing sports our coaches advised us to were T-shirts instead of casual shirts. I never understood the reason until I started playing volley ball with casual shirt on. I was unable move hands freely and end up pressuring myself to free my hands, which eventually  tore my shirt. It was cotton shirt, it slowly drained in my sweat eventually becoming easy to tore. Then I understood the importance of wearing T-shirt while playing sports. Life should need such examples, but some of them will come at the cost of some precious things in our life. Hence our elders advise us to think before we do any work. When we start thinking too much some of our competitors will start working and enjoy the results. That will disappoint us at the very movement. Hence we loose confidence on thinking and start working without much thinking resulting in doing many mistakes. Hence life needs much more practical examples. But we are lacking them. Finally I don't want to confuse you to think or not to think. I always hear one should have positive attitude and should have dare to take a step a head. And accept mistakes and learn from it. Caring too much and asking us to think too much would harm us, it would create some lapse in our mind to analyse and start doing work. These are the few important things I learned from caroms. Hence too much grooming and too-much thinking will perish our fresh thoughts. Why should we much worry about the mistakes which may going to happen, let us live in the present joyful world not in the future doubtful days.

Signing off for now..


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