Bird within glass door

Recently I happened to see a bird which got stuck in our department, which was unable to find a way to fly away. The construction and architecture of our campus is so great that it can surprise any new brainy visitors, and there is no wonder about the little avian which got stuck in our dept. The bird is approximately 40cm in length with curved beak and brown feathers. From distance it was so cute, adorable and peaceful but from close it was dreadful with extravagant fear in her round eyes.  It was watching the world from the glass window but couldn’t be in that world. It was trying hard to move into that world, but could not pass through. It tried hard and hard but there is no chance to sneak and go away. Adding to the agony the person who watching this sport would have gone there to help, eventually it was trying more hard to break the glass with the little strong beak, but could not get through it. That little toddler certainly needs a help to move into the colourful world.  Watching this I had few scenes popping in my mind. First one is about a French photographer (Pierre Borghi) who was a captive of afghan militants and second one is about snowden (whistleblower) who got stuck in the Moscow airport.

I am very much interested to share you about a brain storming experience I felt after reading a article in BBC news after a title How I gave a Taliban a Slip. The French photographer was blindfolded, and moved to unknown place; initially he was scared later he got detached from this materialistic world and started thinking like a monk. He was initially placed in a hole of a ground, like a wild mouse. He was given a piece of paper to give his details; if he was a member of special armed forces then he would have been executed on that spot. Luckily he was not and he was able to get hold of another piece of paper, which was constant companion for few months. He has utilised the piece every bit and started writing his wishes, which he  want to do after his detention. Later he was taken into another hole. Strangely, before he was into the second hole he has to stay with afghan family for 10 days, it was so exiting for him that he enjoyed the life even there by playing cards with them for hours who could kill him at any time. Later he has moved into another hole under the barn floor in which he couldn’t sleep flat or even couldn’t stand upright. He was laid in that hole for three and half months, he paused his time with some occasional sound coming from outside. During that time he started to think a lot about his food recipes, books, songs, family and everything. He spoke with them he danced and played with them (in his imagination). The hole in which he was staying has trapdoor, which was not locked. He still have a hope of escape. But the escape from that hole would certainly make him a frozen statue because of harsh winter in afghan. Videos was recorded to show the French authorities that he was alive, he rationally calculated that at least 10 days would certainly take for the authorities and Taliban people to take decision about his execution. Hence he has decided to escape any time soon. From the window he was able to keep head outside but couldn’t get out easily , he thanked the Taliban food which has reduced his waist and with few turns and twists he was able to get out of it. After 10 hours of walking in the frozen climate he was able to reach some building, later the army officials confirmed his identity and sent him to the France after 131 long days. Interesting part is he don’t want to forget that dreadful experience in Afghan, whenever he remember he relishes completely and has decided to visit Afghan again. Meanwhile he is busy in fulfilling his wishes which he was written on the little piece.
The mental attitude of this photographer was to be appreciated, and I felt that brave hearts would surely mould in strong way during such tough and threatened circumstances. I would like to quote the theory of Charles Darwin about the natural evolution, which is the survival of the fittest, were only the animals which change and modify their lifestyle can fit in to the changing environment. In relating to my previous statement our mind would also strive to be fit to compromise and combat such situations (obviously following Darwin theory). Like him every minute of either hard or easy life should be cherished to the fullest. Then only we can understand the meaning and feel of life. The bird inside the glass window would also feel in the same way as photographer, that her life will be bonus eventually after finding her way to go out.

Second one is about Ed Snowden who was leading a beautiful life in month before was forced to stay in Moscow airport for about 20 days. Why did he choose to flee the colourful world? Certainly the colourful world what we see is not the world he want to live in. He want to live in the place where there is morality and humanity, but not the world which was just filled with comforts. He came out of U.S and whistled about PRISM programme leading by US and UK (two big brothers), this programme has a capability to harvest any one’s communication with any one at any time. This may even change the feature of some countries. Being the nation which self claimed as leader and big brother was unable to follow the constitutional laws, which were framed by their own countrymen. But the U.S is claiming and legitimising the illegal policy of pervasive surveillance. But Ed snowden strongly believes that immoral can’t be overturned into moral by proposing some secret law. He believes Nuremberg principle, which states that each individual has some international duties like prevention of corruption against humanity and peace, for which the domestic laws can be broken. Though he has chance of leading a good life before and after whistle blowing, but still he choose the moral path, by not disclosing critical U.S secrets. He neither want a companion of any foreign government, but he want to live in moral world, which should be known to rest of the world in bright day light. Eventually the U.S government made him stateless and helpless, by even threatening the other countries which could give asylum to him. But it was great to learn that there were some small developing countries which came forward to give asylum to Snowden. Not only him, but also we, have an every right to thank such nations (Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Nicaragua).
There was commonality among the two persons I mentioned above, that is positive hope and a brave heart. May be the turmoil undergone each may differ but the attitude shown to move on to next level should be appreciated. One of them was physically harassed and other may be mentally harassed, but the attitude they have shown must be followed by all of us. We all have a right to be in colourful moral world, not just filled with materialistic things. Coming back to the bird, it has realised that the world what it see from the transparent window is not pure, there were some egos, hatred, immoral things which are being obstructed like a transparent window. We could only see the world but couldn’t feel it. If we get rid of such feelings then we have a liberty to enjoy without any clutches. Soon the bird found the other way which has no obstructions and flew away with joy. I hope bird would also never forget this experience and would visit our dept now and then to make me feel that it is safe and happy.


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