My illusions - I want to be free off

It's been awhile since I wrote anything. It could be because I did not have a reason to vent out my feelings and I was more occupied with cluttered thoughts which comes and go, but not anything substantial. I was not myself for these days and I was occupied.

Yet, I have a reason to write this blog. And it is the very reason to come out of my illusions. What are they? Any clue..

·         Desire to be perfect: When I try to write something marvellous, it just doesn’t happen. I look for mistakes and proof read every sentence. If I start doing from the very beginning, I would be left with blank page and sweaty fingers on keyboard.

Points taken just let things loose.  Just vent out everything you feel.

·         Desire to change people: I tried to change people’s mind, but failed. I realised this long before, but I constantly forget. I want to write this to reiterate the importance and etch on my mind permanently. Why will anyone do things as you want? Don’t you think that they have their own purpose and needs? Let everyone navigate their life with their own stream of thoughts.

Points taken Enjoy the diversity and be ready for surprises that is when life excites you

·         Intelligence: Intelligence is not absolute thing. It comes to picture only when you compare with others. You feel good and intelligent when you stuff more knowledge in your mind by reading books than others. But remember, at any walk of life there will people who are superior to you. Forget comparing with others, just enrich yourself with new stuff as in when required.

Points taken: Never let you feel inferior to others. Remember, you are unique and you cannot be compared with others.

·         Danger of complexity: There is always a simple approach to tackle tougher problem. Things go out of place, if you think too much- per se “thinking what they would think of you when you think this/that way”. Sounds odd right, that’s exactly what I want to say. Don’t make life complex, do things straight with little effort.

Points taken: Live with minimum judgements/impressions to explore some thing big
Probably as the days goes by, I may find more of such illusions, which I will append soon or later



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