Excerpts from my recent trips

I had explored various parts of Karnataka with my family and friends in recent weeks. I had various exhilarating experiences, here are some excerpts.

Happiness is in the journey but not at the destination:
It has proven again, we were expecting high movements at the destination. Relatively, the joy we had during the journey dominated the happy moments at the destination.
Let me relate this analogy to our goal in life. We always think that painful days would finish when we finish our exams (destination). But, never had it happened after my exhaustive list of exams - 10th class/12th class / B.Sc./M.Sc./Ph.D. The reason is that joyful ness is shadowed by the thought ‘What next’. We would be in thinking process to understand why we scored less or what course of action to be taken next. Which means, even after reaching the destination, we would be in constant search. Thus, at the end of the journey (after reaching destination) you would be left with memories of your journey but not the Ethiopia of joyfulness.

---Let’s enjoy the journey. Don’t wait for your destination/goal---

Pit-stops are key to rejuvenate the energy
We thought to start our journey bit early, but it got delayed and started in the afternoon. We felt that our journey would be tiresome. But we never had such feeling, the reason is that we had pit-stops whenever necessary- this is the time we can stop and think. Once we get back into the vehicle, you would see a new dimension/variable in the journey. It’s also important this dimensions/variable should not distract you in reaching the destination/goal.
Pit-stops are key to rejuvenate the energy we lost in the process. Our aspiration to reach destinations/goal dips down during the process. But having pit-stops would reduce boredom and gets new energy. This is the same time, I believe we had a chance to look at the other world and listen to their views.

---Have short breaks to see new “you” ---

Don’t give up, fight against difficult unexpected turns and twists
The journey was smooth on the highway, but just then we reached ghat section. The driver was professional and displaying his skills. But no matter how slow you go, the steep turns and dull weather keeps you dizzy.  But, we held our nerves and ultimately we saw a breath taken visuals.
Yes, turns and twists are common in our movies so as in our lives. Don’t give up, fight against the storms, observe the beautiful play around you, and learn from it.  The joyful moments will be with you only if you encounter hard obstacles and some dull moments. The beauty of the day and blazing sun is enjoyed only when it is preceded by night.

---Learn to face turns/twists, just to make you strong---


  1. Wonderful journey.....great description too, keep it up!


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