Wishing success to the path-breakers

It’s been a long while since I made an effort to patch scattered ideas to write a blog. Well, I was in continuous motion and no incident hooked me to review my state of mind.

This weekend we had badminton tournament and memory of school days came back to me. I have been an active participant in sports, been participating in tournaments since school days. Though, I got 6 years break while I was doing masters and PhD. But still, I didn’t leave any stone unturned to grab an opportunity like this just not to lose touch of the game.

I have seen real professional badminton players in this tournament, while few players like us who know the game but didn’t have practice where as others in jeans and boxers came in just to have fun.  Relatively, the competition was a pretty week in women section, again reiterating the low percentage of professional working women taking a break from core activities for sports like badminton.

I played doubles with another enthusiast, we made till quarters. I always didn’t give importance for winning, while I gave it to participation because am not a professional player. But I got bored of losing, from now on I want to win big and I don’t want to give such excuses again.

I also met a guy, whose profession is sports. He plays in various volley ball tournaments across various states just to earn money. Wow.. that’s amazing... But I am not sure, how many bucks he can make from such tournaments. I may be wrong that he would be earning good money but am sure that it’s very uncertain. It seems that he would be informed by his friends every weekend about some big tournaments and they would catch up on the day of the game without practice and win tournaments.

 I could not digest it for a while, because which parent will allow their kid to play only sports other than a regular paying job. In a regular family, it would be very big sin and parents who would like to compare with others will freakout.  I believe it’s just not him many other who go against regular trend would face similar issues. The chance of success is less, but one should have great courage to lead a life in such intimidating society.

I wish a great success to such rare beings who swim against the flow... 


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