---Tough to unlearn things---

Its been quite a while, didn’t got chance to blog (stop and think), after coming to Bangalore and joining in new job, its new beginning. I got to unlearn many things before I kick start; undoubtedly it is a tough challenge, because the whole thought process has to change. We been doing things in our own way, and if some one ask us to change habits, we can not do it smoothly. There is lot of friction between your thoughts and the output others expecting. I believe this transition is key to adapt to new work culture.
Well ...its tough to modulate our habits and style for some one needs. It has to come from within. Especially, formal writing is very subjective. The known thing which you believe important to write, would be redundant for others and unimportant things which you ought to skip would be important for others. Just knowing the audience would not be sufficient, the pulse and style of writing your superiors expecting is equally crucial.

The part which I like about informal writing is “inertness” to the external influences. You are biased to your feelings and your intention is just to express. You are not worried what other would think about style, grammar and opinions. But such things have to taken care in formal writing. This would break our flow and got to think too much on their expectation than what you want to propose or write. Well, it looks like am going to school again and learning how to write. In parallel I had joined in keyboard institute. Funny part, is there also I need to unlearn the sequence of alphabets which we had learnt so far. Their the alphabets stops at letter ‘G’, and it is followed by letter ‘A’. I tried to learn keyboard myself but did not had practice material. In academy, music teacher job is to to show the notation sheets to practice and intimate students when time ticks one hour. After a week I see that I am playing songs with more comfort than before, similarly as the days goes by, I believe I would write any formal articles more smoothly than before . I just need to hold my nerves and practice and learn new things while I unlearn..


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