----New Entrant and new observation----

So much of new things happened in past few days. Now I have become an uncle. Though, I was father but I had observed new things about life altogether. First of all, it was anxious movement to whole family waiting for his arrival. He was there in womb for few months; don’t know how he was feeling now. All we could see is his red lips, half opened eyes, thin sensitive skin and wrinkles on his forehead. Although, most of the time he is sleeping with the same posture as in womb, he is becoming more familiarized with his mothers touch. Soon, I believe he will recognize her with smell and touch. Besides, it would be new life to both parents and to the kid. If I go back, apart from his parents, I had observed few more couples and their relatives waiting for their respective children. So surprising that the natural phenomenon has become well planned step and this could be another differentiating factor from animals apart from intelligence. Thanks to the advance in the science, now we can even understand the pains of mother and heartbeats of fetus simultaneously in real time. However, lot to achieve as doctors could not predict exact delivery date. In majority of the cases it is happening early and in few getting delayed. What is the cause and is there any scientific evidence for any random reason like lifestyle changes. Why these mysterious things could not be solved. With the advent in science, surely we will achieve it, but is the current pace sufficient to give answers for our immediate next generation. Instead of waiting someone else to discover, let us observe ourselves and be physicians of our body. We should develop some general skills to understand how our body reacts to different stimulants or external factors. At least, we should understand how to make ourselves joyful. Let us spent some time to observe the happenings in our body, how much weight we are putting on and what food we are taking and how the body flexibility is and so on. By these subtle observations we would increase owness of our body, instead of nodding whatever the doctor say. Recently, I took my grandmother to a doctor; she is aged and naturally would have some difficulties in movement and body pains. The doctor is young guy with a deceiving smile. Whenever patient goes in he would smile and ask their name. Eventually, he would open the laptop and check the medicines he gave previously. I don’t really understand how homeopathy medicines work but it was the second time am going with her and she was complaining same thing. The doctor convince her that there is some relief in the pain and not sure whether she really felt the same. Later, he will go into small cubicle and give two medicines in two small containers with sweet positive words “this time it will subside pain more efficiently”. Am not sure, whether they work or not but she would mentally be peaceful until she runs out of medicine.  Instead of being animals, let us use the intelligence in understanding our emotions and physiology by giving some time and be our own first aiders. That will give a lot of confidence to us. Think that you had sore throat and if you recognize it at early stage and gargle with betadine before you go to sleep and observe that you are free from the pain next morning, what would be the reaction in you “Yahoo!!!! I am the doctor”. I believe owning our body both emotionally and physically would give better results in understanding mysterious things in our life... 


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