....Celebrating one year of fatherhood....

My daughter has grown up now, we had celebrated her first birthday. It was dramatic change in our lives, everyday she learns new things which always surprise us. The way how she grin her teeth shows the evolution in her emotions. The way how she take biscuits in small pieces will infer that she could eat by herself. The way how she holds 5” phone with her hands tells me, she is ready to speak. The way how she slide the phone screen with her point finger instructs me she is ready to call me when she needs me.

So much change in one year, now she can recognize when we go to office and when we come back. The way how she say "bie" will not allow me to go away and the way how she join her hands to say namasthe is adorable. Can not really remember how last year has passed. It was a fast forward for my family and brought happiness and hope into our lives. As always when I think about her, few things struck my mind, they are: Is there any role I have to play in her life? If so what should I do? Should I have to teach her? If so what should I teach? If not how can she learn?

While thinking about the above questions, it is pretty straight forward that I didn’t put any effort to teach her how to smile. Neither I did any thing to teach how to take little steps . Thus, I came to conclusion that why should I teach her any thing. As nature created environment to sustain life, may be I should be the environment to support her personality. In-order to teach her any thing first I should know what is true and what is false, what is good and what is bad. What I know/do seems correct to me, but for other it may seem wrong. How I look things is based on my vision and personality. The scale of measurement for the goodness is different to each person. The units of measurement also differ. Without normalizing this heterogeneous units or scales how can I teach my daughter what is good and bad.

I also know that no matter what I teach she will develop her own acumen to know what is good and bad. May be certain aspects would be influenced by parents, but ultimately how kid perceives things would differ to the individual.

At the end of the day I see that I will not compel her to do things what I want. I would do my duty as father. I will leave her to grow up and let her find interesting aspects in her life. I am sure that some day she would develop her own personality and comes up with flying colors.


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