---Welcome to Monsoon----

Monsoons are here in Hyderabad. Though, they played hide and seek for couple of weeks they came back strongly. It is the second day since, I haven't seen sun. But I still see my neighbor praying to sun at his usual position pointing towards east. Amongst all the seasons my body metabolism like monsoon the most. Though, it does not burn energy, but   my stomach craves for pakodi and bajji.

Everyday in this season makes you more young and hidden wishes would break apart and rise up displacing, the heavy and dull emotions. Surprisingly, every day looks like a weekend and you want to be with your loved ones. Especially, after tiresome work in office, who on the earth does not want hot tea. However, I need more strong tea made up of pure fatty milk without  water. 
Wow!! thought of having get together with friends would even trickle me more. Remembering the good old golden days would make our day.

Enjoy the monsoon folks...


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