Mazaka..part of serious life...

What is the difference between fly and mosquito? what is the difference between Rome and Paris? why does ACs are not required while watching pavan kalian movie. Some of you may think these are silly questions posed by school kid. Well if you think so you are mistaken. Those were some very important discussions we have during coffee break. These questions are like stress busters. Remembered that these questions often comes after complaining light coffee to be too light and strong coffee served as too strong. World is not similar every person is different so as the taste for the coffee and philosophy towards life. One of them is wild life photographer by hobby. From my childhood I only heard this profession  and watched in wild life channel but I never encountered a man who loves trains and tigers.  His interest about trains could come from his father, who used to work for railways. He literally can name all the strain stations from Kashmir to kanyakumari and the stations from Rajasthan to north east state. He can also guide us to book satabdi over other existing trains explaining all the pros and cons. He only seen in week days and gets disappeared to the unknown jungles in the week ends oftenly. During coffee and lunch break time his sounds are often heard because he is loud which could come up with age and traveling.

Another important character is half mallu who was burn to mallu parents but bought up in Mumbai. Though he did PhD in the land of drug addicts I believe he did not got caught any of their characters nor their accent. This half mallu guy often discuss the warships and satellite launches with tiger/train man. Listening this I always wonder what these guys going to do in future. Once they start we cant stop their conversation. It goes on and on without any break. He is like a spider always want to create a network with all the colleagues in the office. If we wait for him for lunch, he would  stuck some where in the first floor discussing about some unknown issue. He usually start the conversation with the phrase “ the thing is” apparently that thing never gets finished off easily.

Another interesting character was born kannadiga but bought up in gods owns land. Surprisingly, it was easy for him to crack IIT, but tough to get through PhD. He quit PhD and went to unknown land to understand what he is. He always stays in those unknown lands often comes to the main land during coffee and lunch time. Because, that is the time we disturb his thoughts. We know that karna was born with armour, this guys might have born with head phones. Never heard singing any song but always hear him discussing about strange subjects. He was the person who acquitted me with  extra terrestrial subjects and his frequency of thoughts matches with mine in some philosophical topics which normally has to be discussed after retirement.

Coming to other friends in our groups we had marati lady, proud of her home land and bhakarwadi. Though she joined late in our organization, she made her presence felt showing her dance moves when she encounter rodent across her desk. She desperately want to change her place but because of work load, she could not have such thoughts unless she see other organisms around her.
We have another half tamilian lady, who was born to tamil parents but bought up in delhi. She can speak better hindi than tamil. What ever the language she speaks the words are so fast that I need to request her to speak slowly to catch the meaning out of it. By any chance if she know any stuff, there is no need for the other person to open his mouth. Because, never you get chance to speak any of the familiar topics of her. Then, we have another two ladies, though they were from distance place on earth. Our organization has bought them together, made them sisters. They come together, leave office together, chat together. Never matter, how important the discussion is, there should be certain conversation between them, which no one can hear.
Amongst all the Hindi loving people I am only person who scored less in Hindi during school days. I managed to speak few words, but they seem either satirical or comical to them, which insist me to continue in English. Often they speak about Bollywood movies, few will hum some songs, other will name the other important songs in the film album. The conversation goes on forever, they will cover comedy bits in a movie what not. They also discuss the some English serials some like binge watching during weekends. Few love reading, few love travelling. They all come together during weak days and share their experiences and bring some laughs. It was great relaxation for some time between the busy dead lines. Though we have fun time, but we are always serious about the work.


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