------ Bright young teacher of my life ------

Took two days off to my routine life, thought to enjoy my long weakend. Planed to visit some destination and have fun time with family. Realized my daughter is small, ignored and postponed our plans for further future. However, all the five days passed in split seconds. Could not hold the joyful time, at the end of the day missing each joyful  movements spent with family. 

Observing, our baby’s childhood, trying to analyse how my child hood would be. I could see some blur incidents which had happened during my childhood, extrapolating conversations I heard and the people I know. The human development is so surprising that we hardly remember the best movements of our life. We don’t remember when we had our first steps, don’t remember when we had first solid food and cant even remember when we spoke the first word  and how much happiness we gave to our family. Forgetting these memories we run towards unknown blissfulness in the name of destination, or goal.  As we reach towards the above said objectives, emptiness is still seen. Whole in the life time we are trying to figure out what could add the fullness to our life, with this question in our mind we pass majority of our life time and may recognize the real truth when only our body cells are aged and could not reproduce any more healthy cells. I guess, being normal or in default condition is the basis of blissfulness.
By seeing my child’s happiness, I could see that human body is by default made to enjoy the life. Our body has memory to do things which make them happy. As I said, tried to observe few things in my kid and analysed why she is so happy,  what is the difference between her and my life. Than I realized that I have to  unlearn all the fake knowledge I perceived during my life time. I should unlearn the facts I understood about the world. The world I see is not the world it is, it is that I am seeing through a personalized lens which I developed during my lifetime. I need to understand how to unmask the lens, I know it is a uphill task. I am trying to figure out, how it can be done.
Every aspect of child's gestures, postures is so pure. There is no inferiority or superiority  in it. They tend to be in their comfortable mode, not bothering about the world surrounding them. They wake up early in the morning and smiles, the reason is known only to them. Can any of us ever imagined a day, were we woke up and smiled. I bet, most of us feel so stressful when we wake up early in the morning. Why, is our mind so heavy? Why can not we smile like small kids? What is making them to smile? I guess they are very happy to wake up early in the morning and try to understand new things in their life. They stare at few things forever  without blinking their curvy eye lashes, while doing that they are oblivious to the external world. Some times, I see yogi’s in them. Most of the attributes are very similar, may be they are much more than yogi’s in terms of purity.
They take rest with open arms, apparently this posture is thought in yoga to relax our mind. Who did they taught to those kids. I guess, our body  has some default asanas, which we forgot in our daily activities and yoga teach us to remember them again. Kids skid into deep slumber and looks very peaceful. I am sure every one want such deep slumber every night.
I also see mirror in them. I try to give fake smile to make her laugh. She will never responds until I gave  genuine  smile. Sometimes, it is very difficult to truly smile  without any reason. However, the little smile seen in them will accelerate the neurotransmission and send impulse to brain so fast that immediately the laugh is multiplied logarithamically. Their smile is booster dose to make us smile and forget the every damn stressful moments in our life.  At the same time when they cry it is so heart wrenching and we feel that we never want they to cry. The tears are sometimes heart breaking and I would always curse the situation which made them to cry. To see the blush fresh face again, every parent want to scarify every precious things in their life.  

Overall, every aspects of their life is pure and she is teaching me what life is. I don’t want to teach her and I want to be co-student and enjoy her childhood with each precious tender steps. 


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