..At the junction..

Bonjour  (Greetings). It seems like my thoughts are  moving on bullock cart and my life  is racing on F1 track. At the moment trying to figure out what I am and good at. Surprisingly, it was already more than 3 years since I started working on PhD degree. Days are moving briskly but my thoughts got stuck at the junction and wondering which path to choose. Every thought has two sides so as the selecting the job.
Do I have to select a job, which makes my life easy and certain about settlement or a job which is exiting but don't know where  future heads. I guess most married persons choose the first option. They want to settle in the job and starts thinking children education and so on.. If I think about my family, I tend to choose first option. However, I am always inclined to choose the second option. I want to make my life exiting. I want to travel and get imbibed in different cultures and traditions. Anyway's, at the moment I am open for any kind of job. I am not hooked to one job or one company. I am free to take which ever comes my way.

Besides, finding first job is tough. As every one says, it is because we don't have good connections. Even if we have people, they are not sure about our strengths. Secondly we don't know how to search a job and where to find a job. Some companies though advertise vacancies through various job portals, they never acknowledge application. At least company should find a way to send acknowledgements by giving applicant ID. Thirdly, it is very rare to have walk in interviews for hiring PhD graduates. Reasons could be over qualification. Most of the science companies does not invest much on R&D, we may find few start ups but the number of employees they have and hire would be very small. Fourthly, the best option we have is finding Post Docs. There is no difficultly in the market to find post docs. One of my faculty member said to apply at least two post docs daily. Further said that if we apply for 200 post doc position, atleaset one could be successful. But soon after post doc, another question arises, what after post doc. Again it is big blank in our mind. By the time I finish my first post doc (minimum 2 years), I will be in 30's. It is very uncertain, where our future lies after post doc.

After so much of thinking, I came to conclusion that uncertainties are common in ones life, no individual would know what happens to their future. What ever comes our way, one should prove their strengths and climb step by step. No matter, what obstructions they face, one should feel confident about their capabilities and do their best what they can. Signing off by backing my self esteem... 


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