'Unsung Hero' Kailash Satyarthi

Recently we heard new name called Kailash Satyarthi in media circles, I guess most of us don’t know who he is until he became Nobel laureate. We are more used with the names like Kailash kher (singer) but not the social activist Kailash satyarthi. It is surprise to know that he is working to free the children from slavery across 140 countries throughout the world. I guess the real heroes does not need to advertise their work, rather the result of their work explain the real compassion. People would be wondering how the guy who work for children would have got Nobel peace prize, but the real truth is that today’s children are tomorrow citizens. If todays children have their childhood with proper education and skills, then tomorrow’s world will be peaceful. World population is in the clutches of various desires. But there is certain section of world with no real desires; they work hard for their masters to which they earn meager money. To full fill their needs they took debts from masters and later they will lend their kids to work. These kids were thrown into rough and hazardous environments to work. There is no safety for their health and lives. They were treated as objects and hence they lose their childhood and also the valuable future. These horrific situations opened a new chapter in 26 years young lad, gave up lacerative carrier as engineer and started ‘Bachpan Bachao Andolan’. When asked how the spirit of compassion arises, he humbly states with smile that shinny starts seen in the eyes of kids brought out of bonded slavery give him a kick of satisfaction. It is surprise that his work was never known to a common man who has freed 80,000 kids who never dreamt of pleasant tomorrow. It is heroic feet, which was not achieved by anyone else because of which Nobel prize has embraced him. Behind such a feet there were many memories, some of which brings tears and some of which brings smiles. When he tried to free Nepal kids working in a circus, organizers has attacked him with iron rods. Though the flesh in his body got injured but not the compassion in his heart. In another adventure he came across kids who never saw a banana in entire lives. Those kids were thinking that it was a potato, when asked to eat started eating along with a peel. During his journey of 24 years he lost many things including two of his colleagues. But he says that he will forget all the sorrows in his journey when those kids smile and fly with a colorful wings of a freedom.

People like Kailash Satyarthi never cared for fame, never care for awards. He only cared for his compassion to free the kids from bonded labor. Whenever people do their duties with heart the awards or appreciations will reach them. He still believes that Nobel prize will not alter his desire or his life style, but made this social evil aware to many common people like us. I take this opportunity to appreciate work of Kailash Satyarthi and I wish he inspire many more people.


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