----:Dry campus:----

I was in vacation, not been to campus for 7 long days. Don’t know felt bored and campus sick, hence thought of visiting campus. I started 4 km journey from thumkunta around 6.00PM on the name of gym. 

On the way to campus I could not smell any eucalyptus though the area is full of Nillagiri trees, I could not see students doing jogging, I could not see couples enjoying evening walk, I could not see any dug.. dug..7 seater autos, not surprisingly I didn’t not even see any peacocks. As it’s been dry for few days, there is no sign of rain and hence there is no show of peacocks beautiful dance. These are very shy birds and I missed the moment when It  lifts its heavy body to jump from one side of bush to another side when it encounter homosepian. Sorry my eyes could not see glittery wings, instead I have seen dry grass, leaves all around the bush. Watching all this I reached main gate, usually there would be buzz around this area, people would be waiting for the bus to go city. But even this area is so dry like barren land, and it was silent like a library. I could see only two dark security persons, standing beside the gate. They were more suspicious this time, thinking who this geek is coming in this season more over at this time. But I pity them, because there job is to wait and pass the time. That is the horrible job ever I can think off. I can’t think of myself waiting for such long time to finish duty that too in hot sun, sometimes in chilled winters. Then I came across block A, unknowingly I took a right turn and then started thinking where my work was. Then I realised that I am heading to gym not to the lab. When I saw the A block, my heart started thumping hard to make me realise and to make me conscious about the work I have to do to finish my PhD. After realising I am heading towards the gym, my heart again went to hibernation and made by blood to run slow. I took a turn and reach speed breakers. Whenever I come across them, I would get a thought as if am rolling on this speed breakers, because I love my bike and I don’t want to warn out shock observers. As I can’t help I reduced the speed and crossed the speed breakers gently. I have crossed one and seen few more on the way; hence I reduced the speed and took a right turn. Usually I would see people playing football, cricket, and hockey. But I could see only dry muddy grounds, even the sand particles waiting for the movement to get crushed under the feet of students.  But in the campus I could see some people scattered and distributed all around the campus beneath the trees or beside the rocks. I realised these are the parents of the BITSAT students. The real examination is for these parents to combat such dry heat. I don’t know what thoughts would go around in their brains. They must be thinking that this campus would be idle for their kids to get into engineering. Some parents could think further and could start thinking about the job their kids would get after joining in this beautiful campus. 

Then I have reached my favorite destination of my first year of PhD, the basket ball courts which are also empty. Difficult to see the situation, hence thought of reviving the memories. I took ball did some dribbling for a while and then thrown some baskets, realised am out of form. But still I tried few two and three pointer shots, played for 45 min and came back. After returning the ball and I started my journey back to home, I took the road which is behind the boy’s hostel buildings, it is steep way and I could see some faculty members working on their fitness, good to see people who are health conscious. After couple of minutes I could see the auditorium building, turning into beautiful architecture piece, never realized that it was been build in such big way. Once I crossed the auditorium I have reached main gate, I felt bad leaving this beautiful campus. But without any buzz of members in the family any big building looks desert. I guess every inch of the campus waiting for the month of august for the chilled students and weather. Without student’s campus looks like an isolated, entry restricted research center and however green it is, it still looks like dry barren lands.


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