V for victory and vote

Now a days I am very much drenched into political discussions, my mind heats up thinking about democracy and politics. Where are we, why are we like this? I know that each and every individual is part and parcel of the society and politicians are born from the common society, but we feel that politicians are from extra terrestrial organsims. Are they born with different group of blood, no they were born from the same mother India as we did.  But why are we so annoyed of this system, after all we manufactured this system, hence we should solve the bugs or we should be suffered the after effects.
Initially when I started to think along this thread, I was landed on one question, which is whom should I vote for? For me this is a big question, though I know one answer that we should vote for good person. But who is good and who is bad. After all we are deceived by our friends and relatives, don’t the unknown leader whom we don’t know much will deceive us. However friends who backstabbed us will be found guilty after few days, and we can teach them a lesson. But leaders who won elections will be deceiving us for 5 long years and it is irreversible reaction.
So how should I identify the leader is good or bad, is it based on his political party? If I say so, then I will be laughed at myself, because no party is permanent for any individual. And no party has permanent principles for ever. Especially in state and central many leaders have jumped from one party to other, it is for their own political and personal gains.  Other question is no party in our country is full of good people. At this moment in our society goodness is been measured as per the criminal charges on the particular candidates. In that case no political party is having leaders with 0% criminal charges. So another question arises here, does the presence of one good guy makes the party good, or the presence of one bad guy makes the party bad. However everyone has evilness inside, but the people are determine goodness based on the percentage of evil being masked. Hence I don’t believe just based on party or one individual in a party can decide to whom I should vote for. 
Then what should I depend on, is it based on caste, creed, region and religion. If they are so important and beneficial to rely then by now our country should be developed because till now we are on the boat of this system. People are always fighting for reservations of their own caste, and special benefits for their own creeds. But they are not fighting for good governance. They are not fighting for a system which will move the file without spending single penny from their pocket; they are not fighting for a system to give the correct justice in short time.  Our country is in slow pace as our judicial system. 
Is government not spending enough money for development, who told that they are not spending? They are spending but it is being wasted. I recently read a statement from pamphlet distributed by one of the visiting professor in our campus Prof. Nageswarrao (who is contesting elections from malkajgiri  MP) that 40% of drinking water is being wasted because  of leakage. That means government is spending money, but it is being wasted by misgovernance. One simple example I want to share you which was  given by my father. Consider any govt high school the minimum salary paid to any high school teacher is 25000 which include all benefits, and for the senior teachers they would even get more than 45000. Compare the salary of teacher in private schools, I bet no school is giving such high salaries. But does the standard of govt school students is same as private school students. If it is equal, then why does’t the daughters and sons of govt school teacher make them to study in govt schools. Why do they want to join them in private schools? There lies the problem, people we are in the same society are not strong willed to changed the system. Governament employes want some easy money. What we could see is a misgovernance in common man, so as our government.
I was surprised to hear some stats about politics, we know that Mumbai is urbanised than many cities and towns in india. Do you know the polling percentage of Mumbai (55%), which is far less than any small town in the country. What does that mean, is there any misgovernance in the people. People who doest not vote have no right to bark about problems.  I was quite surprise to hear some more facts, that Andhra Pradesh is leading state in distributing money and liquor than any other state. Very shameful to hear this stats, approximately 56% of all cash seizures are from AP and 80% of all liquor seizures are from  AP, which means 4.4 X 105  litres of liquor was seized in our state compare to 5.6 X 105 litres seized from all over India during elections.  As we are in such society we should suffer, we don’t have any right to ask our problems. Who said humans are intelligent, I hate this statement. If we are so intelligent then why do we sell our vote for money and liquor?
We in our society have communal leaders, bust still preach about secularism.  We have leaders who have great experience and educational background, still take decisision with only the approval of illiterate heads of their respective parties.  It all because we are not intelligent and we are being gambled at each and every time during elections.
I was even surprised to hear from various funding agencies of research like CSIR, DBT and UGC are lack of funds. The reason is because of elections, how on earth do elections are related to research. For heaven sake I don’t understand the relation, does that mean the  govt is using money from funding agencies to organise other need full  things. If so did’t they planned the budget. After all a small family will allot some budget for each month and feature, running such big organization don’t they have knowledge to maintain budget. I was shock the CSIR has delayed SRF money for the elections, and I was even shocked to hear that they are not releasing money for allotted projects because of elections. Does they don’t have separate bodies to maintain the treasure.
It is the lack of this governance we research scholars suffer for fellowships, suffer for consumables, and suffer for results. Considering all I want a leader who will support good governance, I don’t want leader who will give TVs and who will give laptops. I want leader who has good governance, who can be reached at every time.
When I started writing this article I don’t have clarity to whom I should vote, but slowly when I start to write and think deeply, I understood that the leader who can give good governance will be my  leader. If I don’t find any one, then I will vote for NOTA. If I don’t find any leader even in next two elections, then I will become a leader and I will come to you to ask for vote by showing the proposal just what we did for our PhD. I will plan the budget and give work plan, which no leader and no party is dared to give.  Wake up and vote for leader who is sensible and also responsible too. 


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