-Recent Incidents to think on-

What is the happening to the foresight of great Indians who introduced Astronomy to the world, who introduced mathematics to the world, and who introduced science to the world? Why we are not having foresight which will secure safety of our lives. Why aren’t we thinking ahead? What is wrong with us, what are the problems we see in addressing those issues? I would like to present my perspectives about the incidents which shook my thoughts in the recent times.
First of all the serious things that disturbed me in the past two months were the series of train and bus accidents. As we know road accidents are very common in India, daily we see and hear news about these accidents. It may be because of poor safety managements. We are number one in the world having biggest constitution in the world, but definitely we are in the last row having poor road safety guidelines. The other is fire accidents, I came across quite a few incidents were 100 of lives were lost. Especially I came across the tragedy took place in Palem (Andhra Pradesh), were the buss hit the culvert and approximately 40 people lost their lives. I came across another two instances were the train bogi was on fire, one is near Ananthapur and other is some were in Northen India. These are the terrible scenes I came across, because the people who passed their lives were in deep sleep, mostly these accidents happens during night journey. Soon after this accidents officials will check that burnt bogi and cannot conclude the reason why there was a fire. Government cannot take necessary precautions to prevent such terrible scenes. It was came to know that each train on average has to spend 35 lakhs  of money to fix fire alarm, it seems to be a big task to them. Is it that really big than the safety of common man. It is our system our attitude is responsible for the loss of brilliant people in the accidents. Why are we not taking this serious, what few of the persons in those accidents were brilliant enough to get a great image to India? We are not only loosing the lives but also their brilliant thoughts, which may change the world. It is not good to India to sleep and make the people die in the deep sleep, time for wake up and make stringent system.
Some governments were spending money for educational tours for abroad to the ministers with their families. Ultimately they come back to India with empty thoughts, but with bagful of gifts which they purchase using government money. This happen lost month in Karnataka government, were the ministers have been to Australia and Newzeland. Soon after they reach India, they prepared the education tour report which was even plagiarised line to line. It was known that UP government was also sent some ministers for Europe trip, it is obvious that these illiterate politicians will waste our money for their enjoyment. Instead of government spending so much money on such fake tours, why can’t they use for fixing fire alarm in trains or any other useful purpose. The other horrible thing was, refugees of  Mujafarnagar communal riots were in chilling cold, were as the chief ministers has organised some big bash inviting so many Bollywood celebrities to his village. They have used some charted flights to get them to their village that means they would have easily spent few crores of money for this event. It is such shameless acts of these governments who were spending people’s money for their enjoyment. Such heinous people we are selecting with our vote power. Is this what India want? We always look for immediate gifts from the government, the person who gives laptop, TVs and refrigerators will win elections. They were not spending their money from their pocket; they are looting us and giving small gifts for us. Common India wake up, we require employment, we require clean India, and we require healthy governance.
Besides all this I see some section of India is changing tremendously, I have not seen much of online shopping before couple of years, and India is following this trend. Along with that India has witness the victory of AAP (Aam Admi Party), it is the victory of change, victory of simplicity and victory of a common man. It is too early to say that they are new face of Indian politics, but yes they have created a great turbulence in the political pond in which India is been forced live in. There were some criticism in the policies they took forward, but yes I feel they are responsible. If they did any mistake they have guts to come forward and accept the mistakes. Let us encourage such politics which can change the fate of India and its foresight. Another change I welcome in the recent time was usage of None of the above (NOTA) option in the elections. It was known that more than 15 lakh people have used this option in 5 states elections recently held. Although if we calculate it will be only 1.31% of total votes in 5 states who exercised this option, but we can see it as change in people perception, and orientation for the progress.
I know that progress is not easy to get in, but it is not as long as evolution. Before we turn in to new species we should make some changes and give beautiful world for the new species. Here I would like to mention few points, which strike my mind which has to be addressed as early as possible. Safety guidelines: these safety guidelines should address all kinds of safety measures both on the road and off the road. Measures to clean up the garbage generated, I can see municipalities are collecting garbage but they are not treating them, instead just dumping beside our campus. Ultimately creating health hazard to the people living nearby areas, hence every city has to spend some money for waste treatment. Then only we have a choice to feel the real nature. I know the population of India is major concern to bring all the changes and awareness, it is huge, but how long we use this statement to avoid progress, Time to improve our thoughts and fate.


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